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Initial Consultation

Please contact us directly to express an interest in setting up an initial consultation. During this introductory session, you’ll get to meet the designer and begin discussing options for cooperating with our studio on your needs. Among other things, we will explain our pricing policy and briefly touch upon the scope of work for your project.

Design Consultation

This option is often preferred by those who already have a basic idea of what their space could be (functionally or visually), or by clients with a vague vision of their project’s starting point. Maybe you’re just looking for some new suggestions to freshen up your home, for someone to offer ideas to bring balance to your living arrangements, are seeking some tips for a smaller project that you’d like to execute yourself, or have another space that you’d like to have magazine-ready. If so, this option is for you.

Paint Consultation

Already have the furniture you need? Don’t require a complete revamp of your house? A paint consultation is a quick and cost-effective way to reinvigorate your living space with the assistance of an experienced designer. Together, we will discuss colors and moods that you seek to bring to your interiors, and you’ll be left with the resources needed to freshen up your home’s walls.

Interior Design Services 

Our specialty isn’t just providing a new color for your room, finding you the perfect couch for your apartment, or sourcing that ideal painting to hang on the wall. We seek to bring our customers a completely new atmosphere and functionality to their home. You won’t believe you didn’t give us a call sooner…seriously!


Our interior design, decorating and arrangement packages provide deliverables such as mood boards, measurements, 3D models, and spatial schematics. Our extensive range of packages offer client and project specific services such as material/color selection, high-quality design renderings, shopping lists, budgets, and more. We will work with clients seeking major changes, those preferring a less messy, more cosmetic, type of design for their home, and those looking for us to work with them every step of the way.


If you’re looking for a fresh, modern aesthetic to bring to your residence, Stocki Design LLC is the perfect one stop shop for interior decorating, styling, and designing needs. Please reach out to set up an initial design consultation and to discuss our design services options


While we’d love to design your home for you to enjoy, we understand that sometimes a home needs to be freshened up for market. Stocki Design LLC proudly works with developers, real estate agents, and homeowners to bring an added style to your space and get it ready for potential buyers. Drop us a line if you think this is the service you’re looking for.

Stocki Design partners with quality manufacturers, and all contractors, carpenters, and suppliers are carefully selected to satisfy clients' needs.  Whether a client is seeking a high-end residential interior or a more cost-friendly design, all of Michal's projects seek to demonstrate the finest quality from project beginning to finished product.

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